Natural remedies for endometriosis

Endometriosis cysts’ 8 natural treatments - can you really heal it at your home?


Endometriosis is a condition wherein endometrium-like tissues develop in other regions like the ovaries, fallopian tube, bladder and peritoneum. As per the reports by World Health Organization, about 10% of the entire population of women of child-bearing age.

In cases, where the development of the endometrium-like tissues takes place in the ovaries, it leads to the formation of cysts. The presence of endometrial cysts can only be diagnosed using Ultrasound. However, there are a variety of symptoms associated with the condition that hint at its presence. The most prominent symptoms of endometrial cysts are:

  1. Facing problems in getting pregnant
  2. Severe pain in the pelvic region
  3. Hindrance in fertility treatments
  4. Malfunctioning of the ovaries

It is no small issue when it begins to affect the lives of the one who has fallen victim to it. While medications and surgical treatments are the best way to get rid of the cysts, what else can be done to support the process. This is where the natural remedies for endometriosis kick in. How is it helpful to keep endometriosis treatment natural? Let’s find out!


A variety of lifestyle changes and in-home remedies can be included in endometriosis cysts’ natural treatment.

  1. Medication: These botanical medications has help while dealing with the cyst endometriosis:
  2. Curcumin: This can be useful in controlling the hormones in the body, to restrict the growth of endometrial tissues in the body, including ovaries. It is both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  3. Pycnogenol: It can be extracted from the bark of a pine tree. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that can sort issues of pain associated with cystic endometriosis.
  4. Motherwort: it helps in easing the chronic pelvic pain associated with cyst endometriosis.
  5. Vitex: This sorts out the problem of hormonal imbalance in the body, thus preventing the growth of endometrial tissues in the ovaries.
  6. Peppermint: With its antu-oxidant properties can help in reducing pelvic pain.
  7. Rosemary: It is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties.
  8. Lavender: This herb promotes relaxation and reduces discomfort in the body.
  9. Dietary changes: Diet plays a whole lot of difference in the treatment of a disease. Endometrial cysts are no exception. A few of these dietary changes can help you deal with the symptoms and prevent further aggravation of the already existing tissues.
  10. Drinking green tea can provide warmth. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties can provide relief.
  11. Drinking chamomile tea can help in the destruction of endometrial cells. If not, it hinders their life cycles.
  12. Consuming flax seeds in diet can help in reducing the inflammation of the endometrial cysts.
  13. Avoiding the consumption of red meat can be very helpful as it lowers the estrogen level in the body which is the most aggravating cause of the development of endometrial cysts.
  14. Eating more vegetables can be helpful.
  15. Consuming cloves can also help in dealing with cysts.
  16. Consuming more omega-3 fatty acids in the form of salmon or walnuts can hinder the growth of endometrial cells.
  17. Avoiding junk food as trans fat makes you prone to endometrial cysts.
  18. Consuming ginger in its raw form or in tea can prevent nausea caused by pain.
  19. Consuming turmeric in food can help in dealing with the symptoms of the endometrial cysts. It has rich anti-inflammatory properties.
  20. Say no to caffeine and alcohol.
  21. Minimize the consumption of dairy products.
  22. Consuming cinnamon can also be beneficial.
  23. Less salt, less sugar – A habit that can always benefit the body.
  24. Regular Exercising: Workouts can improve blood circulation, thus helping the nutrients reach the entire body. It also helps in preventing weight gain that can increase the chances of being victimized by the endometrial cysts. Stretching and yoga can also help in relieving pelvic pain.
  25. Warm baths: Surrounding the body with warm water can relieve the body from chronic pain.
  26. Acupuncture: This procedure can also be an effective part of endometriosis cysts’ natural treatment. It can relieve pelvic pain and prevent the growth of endometrial cysts.
  27. Massage: Nobody is aloof to the relaxation a massage can provide. In case of endometrial cysts, massaging the pelvic region using lavender oil or peppermint oil or castor oil can help in easing the pain and discomfort. One may also use almond oil infused with the goodness of cinnamon and cloves in it.
  28. Heating pads: Heat can help in relieving pain in the pelvic region.
  29. Ashwagandha: What can be more natural than Ayurveda itself. It brings you nature’s cure for your problems. Ashwagandha can reduce the level of cortisol in the body. This reduces the stress which is scientifically proven to have a huge impact on the development of endometrial tissues in the body.


What you can do on your part plays an equally important role in the endometriosis cysts’ natural treatment. In not so severe cases, studies have shown that several preventions and home remedies have proven to be effective in controlling the growth of this condition in the body.

A natural cure for endometriosis will never cause side effects on the body which is the biggest advantage over other medical treatments. However, if the situation becomes unmanageable, do not make the mistake of relying on natural treatments. Instead, consult a doctor immediately.



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