Endometriosis treatment


Endometriosis treatment is treating a dysfunctional period occurring in our body. So before getting to know about endometriosis, let’s see how we feel about periods.

To all the women out there, do you like your periods?

Well, we understand the monthly trauma, pain, mood swings, uneasiness, and discomfort. But, it is because of periods that completes our whole being. The joy of bearing a life inside us is the symbolic gift that periods give us.

Periods are simply a monthly reminder to us that we are not pregnant. While it is a big relief for many, it is not so for some. Periods are a sign of our body’s failed attempt to carry a baby. Isn’t it magical to have the entire body save its blood and form tissue only to provide a cushion to the baby?

It’s as if our body becomes parents before you and I think of becoming one. And with every drop of lost blood, our body’s hope gets drained too.

Well, don’t worry, I am not here to make you feel bad about not getting pregnant. On the contrary, it was an attempt to make you comfortable with your periods and a normal functioning body at large.

So most of us already know about endometriosis. But let’s go through a brief introduction before knowing about the treatments.


In layman’s words, endometriosis is a disorder where the lining that occurs inside the uterus, forms outside of it. The definite cause for the disorder is unknown. So, when our body is getting ready for a baby before our periods, the blood tissue forms a soft lining inside the uterus for the protection of the zygote (the fertilized egg that would become a baby after 9 months). This lining is called the endometrium.

A similar lining forms outside the uterus often affecting the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and bladder. Now, the problem is, there is no passage for this lining to move out of the body. Which is where all the problems begin.

A note: endometriosis can occur in any part of the body but mostly it is the uterus only.

Endometriosis treatment helps a great deal in keeping the symptoms and problems at bay. However, the endometriosis cure is still the war to be won. At the current moment, we do not have any cure for the complete removal of the disorder.{1}

Let us know of some endometriosis treatment that will help us.


Endometriosis treatment includes several non-surgical and surgical treatments that help us in getting the best result acting as a cure.

Do not forget that there is no cure for endometriosis. The treatments are:


Medicines are easily available around us. Whenever we are in pain due to an unknown disease or disorder, we rush to take medicines. Most of us consult pharmacists before an actual doctor. So there are medications that help in reducing the pain of endometriosis and tend to suppress menstruation. Some of these medicines are:

  • Birth Control Pills

The medicines which are used to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse are used for endometriosis treatment. Birth control pills are characteristically designed to stop the release of ovaries in the body. As we know, the process of endometriosis begins when the formation of the endometrium starts. So, the stoppage in the release of the ovaries helps us in delaying the periods and the formation of endometriosis.

  • Treatment with the help of hormones

Our ovaries secrete hormones like estrogen and progesterone which are responsible for beginning the female characteristics in the body. It is safe to say that hormones are the show-runners of periods and pregnancy in a woman.

So, certain hormonal supplements or hormone contraceptive pills are prescribed to hinder the secretion of estrogen in the body. Thereby, creating artificial menopause by stopping periods and the formation of endometrial implants in the body.


This surgery is a true example of eliminating the problems by cutting its roots. In this surgery, the ovaries and uterus of the patient are removed so that endometriosis cannot occur.

However, the fragments of endometrial implants can get left in the body. This may make the situation worse as endometriosis can occur in any part of the body.

At one point in time, this surgery was considered the best endometriosis cure, however, the added risks of early menopause and leftover fragments reduced its popularity.

Laparoscopic conservative therapy

This endometriosis treatment is for those women, who aspire to become pregnant even after the disease. So, a laparoscopic surgeon makes an incision in the lower abdomen and cleans the endometrial implants from and around the uterus, keeping the ovaries and uterus intact.

This may help in getting women pregnant, however, endometriosis tends to make a comeback within the 5 years of the surgery.

Cyst treatment

Endometriosis cyst treatment is not special treatment. When the cysts occurring in the ovaries are small, doctors suggest waiting until 8 weeks for it to pass naturally.

However, if it does not happen and the size increases, then either fluid is injected into the ovaries for the cyst to shrink or the cysts are taken out. Laparoscopy again plays a major role in clearing out the cysts.


Endometriosis treatment helps in stopping the disorder for some time to provide relief. But there is no permanent solution. But it is what it is. Hormonal change or ovaries release it manipulated and stopped so that endometriosis stops as well.

Don’t be scared or disheartened after being diagnosed by it because there is nothing for you to change the situation. However, you do have the control to turn a sad moment into a happy one. Stay strong and healthy!

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