endometriosis and pregnancy


Do you like babies?

We mean, when you see babies around you, do you play with them? Do you wish to have your children? Well, this is an unbiased and subjective question that may be negative or positive. No woman should be judged for the answer or decision she makes.

However, it is difficult for endometriosis and pregnancy to walk hand in hand. The chances of getting pregnant with endometriosis are very low, to be honest, but with the boost of modern medicine, many such ways are there that may help us in getting pregnant.{1}

So, can you get pregnant with endometriosis?


Endometriosis is a disorder where the lining forming inside the uterus begins to form outside of it. This lining is called endometriosis and can occur anywhere in the body for example – ovaries, outside the uterus, in the tissues of the pelvic, etc. that causes complications.


Endometriosis occurs when a lining of blood starts to form outside the uterus in any part of the body. Preferably in the pelvis region only. So, we know that the ovaries release an egg into the fallopian tube which is responsible for getting fused by a sperm to form a zygote.

When there is no sperm, this egg sheds out of the body along with the blood lining in the uterus. Commonly known as periods occurring monthly in all women.

Also, the main requirement, sexual intercourse is very hard to perform with endometriosis as it is very painful. Women may not be able to bear so much pain.

So, when the endometriosis formation takes place in the fallopian tube or ovaries, it disturbs the easy travel of the egg to the uterus. This is a huge complication because there is no pregnancy if there is no egg.

Also, the medications and treatments we take to stop or control endometriosis often include birth-control pills or hormonal tablets that cause artificial menopause.

Well, when there are no periods, it is very hard to get pregnant. So, endometriosis is supposed to have left no chance of allowing us to get pregnant. But there is still hope. The treatments help in making endometriosis pregnancy possible.


Conservative Therapy for natural Pregnancy

However, nice it sounds, it has very low success rates. There is a treatment named conservative therapy where the endometrial implants are removed from the body using laparoscopy. Although the endometrial implants will return, it gives the body some time to regulate normally. This may be the best time for women to get pregnant. But first of all, speaking and consulting with the doctor is very important because it is not some usual disease.{2}

Freezing the Eggs

See, we cannot predict the effect of endometriosis on your body in the future. Surgeries are not an option for everyone and have too many side effects too. So, the best option could be to freeze your eggs. Freezing of the eggs will help us to get pregnant whenever we wish irrespective of endometriosis.

Whenever we wish to get pregnant, we may consult with the doctor and a fertilized egg is usually placed in our uterus. However, there may be some complications there. It may so happen that our uterus might not be able to support a growing baby or any other complications can interfere in the process.

Now, the best option would be to find a surrogate and have the baby nurtured in another woman’s womb. This seems so cruel to women, isn’t it? I mean giving her the powers to bear a life but restricting it due to some other complications.

Well, it is how it is. But the bright side is that we still get to have our baby and endometriosis and pregnancy can be made to work together.

In Vitro Fertilisation

This process is very similar to the process of egg freezing. The only difference is that here eggs are not frozen. The fertilization takes place immediately after the extraction of the eggs. And in some time, placed in the uterus.

SuperOvulation and Intrauterine Insemination

This treatment is advised to patients who have mild endometriosis and a normal functioning fallopian tube. Here, the sperms of the partner are directly placed into the uterus.

This safeguards the woman from tolerating immense pain during sexual intercourse. Also, the normal functioning fallopian tube helps to get pregnant with endometriosis.


Getting pregnant is a dream of almost all women, not because of societal pressure but due to the motherly feelings, we have somehow imbibed in us. Endometriosis is one of the many difficulties that hinder the process of giving birth. Hearing so many complications nowadays, it has become scary to get pregnant.

However, you deserve to be pregnant and be a mother. Don’t let any complications take it away. Endometriosis and pregnancy can work together with the help of treatment. So, choose a treatment that’s suitable for us and bear a healthy child in your womb, and experience motherhood!

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